Kickstarter Backer Powers

If you backed Choice Chamber and filled out your survey, you can use these commands whenever you see someone playing! You can also use them in your own chat while you play. Most commands can only be used once per game, but special cases are listed below. Enjoy! :D



KS Tiers


Player Boosts +power
$10 - Game
$15 - Prototype
$20 - Soundtrack
$55 - Power Pack
$1000+ Director/Day Jam

•Boosts the given attribute for 10 seconds.
•Usable once per game.
Hellfire + Hoarfrost +hellfire
$25 - Beta
$30 - Art Book
$50 - Poll Design
$55 - Power Pack
$1000+ Director/Day Jam

•Floods the room with the given spell, affecting all enemies.
•Usable once per game.
Minion +minionGood
$100 - Enemy Design
$150 - Weapon Design
$200 - Boss Design
$1000+ Director/Day Jam

•Spawns a minion that either hurts you or enemies.
•Lasts 1 room, but can't be defeated. Usable once per game.
Great Gizmo +ggClose
$300 - Gizmo Design
$500 - Special Event Design
$1000+ Director/Day Jam
•Spawns a Great Gizmo that follows the specific AI command.
•"Close" stays near you, "solo" scouts on its own, "strong" attacks the strongest, and "weak" attack the weakest.
•These commands are indefinitely available to a backer in a single game, until the Gizmo is replaced.

Did you know?

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