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Beta 5

Beta 5
released 05/29/2015

changes / additions

  • added custom character mod (examples included in "custom characters" folder)
  • added boss Starnose
  • added enemies Gnat, Bucket, Eel, Diver, Octo
  • added scenery for Phase 3 rooms
  • added Room Captain
  • added 2 Hearts
  • added certain environmental destruction
  • added game exit confirmation
  • added Mod Settings tab to Settings (removed from title screen)
  • added 25+ new sound effects
  • added High Res mode for Fullscreen (will probably run slowly)
small stuff
  • fixed Ground Gizmo getting player stuck at beginning of room
  • fixed Attack Gizmo attacking blocks in Bomb Room
  • fixed visibility for Turbo users with white names
  • fixed Laser + Lightning bolt positioning
  • updated Shop to specify which items are affordable
  • updated boss death cinematics
  • updated Special Event system
  • updated Pause Screen
  • updated Game Over screen with session stats
  • updated Alert windows to allow keyboard controls
  • updated door textures + animations
  • updated frozen enemies to have a thaw time before freezing again
  • updated icy rooms to include snow
  • changed font used throughout game
  • changed mod + sub vote weight
  • changed damaged blocks to turn red instead of grey
  • changed exploding Ferret to create fire embers
  • changed Statues to be fireproof
  • changed Hearts poll to ever allow 3 max
  • changed Mod Chat to clear once it fades out
stuff not in the game yet
  • basically everything :O
  • polls, weapons, enemies, bosses, gizmos, special events
  • final art, animation, music, sound fx
  • Kickstarter-specific features

Beta 4.5/4.6

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